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Headquarter Address

Do not hesitate to contact AMP International T. .

The company is pleased to receive your calls, fax or e-mails in 4 different languages ( English, German, French, Italian ).


Phone Numbers

++41 (0)32 313 26 18 / 29

Fax Number

++41 (0)32 313 26 42 / 41

Post-mail Address

AMP International T.

58, Le Village

CH 2925 Buix


E-mail Addresses

Administration Dpt.    : administration@amp-international.com

Sales Dpt.             : sales@amp-international.com

Marketing Dpt.         : marketing@amp-international.com

Quality Assurance Dpt. : quality@amp-international.com

Customer Support Dpt.  : support@amp-international.com


AMP International T. Headquarter / Normal Working Time

Our offices are open from Monday (8h00 am) to Friday (6h30 pm). In order to reach by a phone call our Sales Office, hereunder is indicated our daily working period referred to your country time :

GMT TIME                                              : 07h00 am to 05h30 pm

Swiss time                                            : 08h00 am to 06h30 pm

Europe time                                           : 08h00 am to 06h30 pm

North America East Coast ( New York ) time            : 02h00 am to 00h30 pm

                                   (European Summer Time) 01h00 am to 11h30 am

North America West Coast ( Los Angeles ) time         : 11h00 pm to 09h30 am

                                   (European Summer Time) 10h00 pm to 08h30 am

South America East Coast ( Rio ..., Buenos ... ) time : 03h00 am to 01h30 pm

                                   (European Summer Time) 02h00 am to 00h30 pm

Russia ( Moscow ) & Central Asia time                 : 10h00 am to 08h30 pm

                                   (European Summer Time) 09h00 am to 07h30 pm

Japan & Far East time                                 : 04h00 pm to 02h30 am

                                   (European Summer Time) 03h00 pm to 01h30 am

Australia East Coast ( Sidney ) time                  : 06h30 pm to 03h00 am

                                   (European Summer Time) 05h30 pm to 02h00 am


If you may have some urgent questions do not hesitate to call the phone number :

++41 (0)79 317 81 19 .


We remind that our e-mail addresses and fax numbers are at your complete disposal 24hours a day, 7days a week.



Send your questions or suggestions to  marketing@amp-international.com .
MP International T. , All Rights Reserved.