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1. Prices

Prices may be subject to change at any time.


The price lists included in the present web-site are not necessary up-dated refer to the last Sales Office Price List.


Your Orders must be confirmed by our Sales Dpt..


All prices are net and they exclude taxes, duties and delivery.


Prices are in Swiss Francs (CHF). Prices in foreign currency are guidelines and vary depending on the daily exchange rate.


For Large Quantity Orders, do not hesitate to ask a special price quotation.



2. Order Confirmation

AMP International T. must confirm all your orders.


The confirmation will be sent at latest 24 hours from your order in. If no confirmation will be received within 48 hours, we ask you to contact sales@amp-international.com again.


Sales Department must confirmed your order!




3. No Restrictions

AMP International T. is pleased to offer any wine with NO RESTRICTIONS!

(Some restrictions may occur because of the wine-maker or manufacturer restrictions)



4. Payment

Payment is due within 10 days of the receipt of invoice.


Merchandise deliveries will be performed when payment perceived.


If payment is not received within the 15-day time limit of the receipt of invoice, AMP International T. reserves the right to cancel the order.



5. Transport/Delivery

The transport or delivery costs are depending on your order amount and your location all over the world.


Deliveries may be submit to special national restrictions.


We stay at your disposal for a complete cost evaluation and delivery organisation when this is technically possible.



6. Transport Insurance

Transport Insurance is not included within the product price.


AMP International T. may insure deliveries if customer request.

This mention must be written onto the common agreement (could be invoice).



AMP International T. is not liable to meet his obligations for any failures occasioned by circumstances beyond his control.



7. Complaints

Complaints concerning Goods must be addressed within the time limit defined in the general terms indicated on the common agreement (could be invoice).


If not, refer to the present conditions :


Food                      :

Within 24 hours of the receipt of goods


Beverage                  :

Within 8 days of the receipt of goods


Other Consumable Products :

Within 1 to 8 days of the receipt of goods, merchandise type depending.


Other Products            :

Most of them have a 12 months warranty and more.


We ask you to refer to the specific common agreement or product details and specifications.


Complaints concerning Services must be addressed within 8 days or referred to the time limit specified on our common agreement.



8. Court of Jurisdiction

All Contracts are governed by Swiss Law and are subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Swiss Courts.

Court jurisdiction is in Jura region / Porrentruy



9. Bank

Send E-mail to administration@amp-international.com in order to get all Bank parameters.



10. Company Information

Registered Company Number    : CH -

VAT Number                   : 452 729

Import License Number        : 467 808

Warehouse Alcohol License Nb : 0004 8198

Sales Dpt.                   : sales@amp-international.com

Quality Assurance Dpt.       : quality@amp-international.com

For more information refer to Company Information .



Sales are not available and not valid in countries submit to international or national restrictions !



Send your questions or suggestions to  marketing@amp-international.com  .
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