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1. Gift Ideas

Let AMP International T. make a gift proposal and organise deliveries everywhere you want, all over the world!


Ask sales@amp-international.com in order to get the right answer to wishes.


(Some country are submit to national or international restrictions)



2. Customer Support

AMP International T. is ready to offer our support on each product you find into the present web-site . . . and even more !


Get answer on line by contacting support@amp-international.com .(Do not forget to insert your customer number)



3. Technical Solution

Do not forget that each complex system is only a combination of simple elements.


Nevertheless, by being in professional hands save time and money! Ask hitech@amp-international.com and get the right answer!



4. Web-Site Design

AMP International T. is using the most advanced technical products and systems in order to offer the best and quickest response to our customers.


Ask hitech@amp-international.com and get quickly the appropriate quotation to web-site you want.



5. Advertising Service

Do you need to create flyers :

- Company Profile

- Product Data Sheet

- Hotel Pass

- News Paper Publication


Our Advertising Service will prepare for you the appropriate offer to your need. They are using the mostly advanced and powered technical tools to nicely and quickly create your colored pamphlets.



Sales of Services are not available and not valid in countries submit to international or national restrictions !



Send your questions or suggestions to  marketing@amp-international.com  .
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