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Join the Inventors with AMP International T.


AMP International T. is pleased to have Inventors within its walls.


Here are some inventions which have been established by people working actually within AMP International T..


The Latch-up Killer

Have you noticed once that your PDA or Mobile Phone or other electronic tools must be power disconnected in order to established the correct functionality again?

This trouble is due because of the phenomena called Latch-up.

The only way to establish the correct machine functionality is to switch off the power supply or to use the “Latch-up Killer”.


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Wrote on the 27 of Mai 2008




LCD Controller&Diver

An LCD Controller&Driver is an Integrated Circuit able to manage and to drive an LCD Display, in color or black&white issue.

In the way to reduce the power consumption in mobile applications to increase the battery life or battery autonomy, the LCD Controller&Driver must also be designed and though in that way.

The idea is to keep OFF the part of the LCD which is not in use. Let’s consider that on a 20” LCD panel you just display a 7” photo in the centre. The area of that panel which is not in use must remain Black. There are at least two ways to keep this area in Black. The first is to drive the Black by the appropriate output voltage levels as usual. The second is to switch “OFF” or to reduce the signal output level amplitudes in the Black area correlating this with the display frame frequency.


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Wrote on the 27 of Mai 2008


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